Alimony Reform Act Investigations

  • Bassil Klovee and Budreau
    Boston, MA

Previously, an ex-spouse may elect live with a new mate rather than marry and lose alimony payments but the Alimony Reform Act of 2011 has changed that.


The Alimony Reform Act now allows an alimony payer to request the court suspend, modify or eliminate such payments if it can be proved the ex-spouse is cohabitating with a new mate and carries themselves as a couple in common, similar to a husband and wife, throughout the community.


Billingsgate Associates LLC possesses unique investigative experience developed as a result of the Alimony Reform Act of 2011. Attorneys representing alimony paying clients chose Billingsgate Associates LLC to investigate and demonstrate the new required legal standard that ex-spouses receiving alimony were not only co-cohabiting with new mates but presented themselves throughout the community as a couple in common similar to husband and wife. 


These investigations have been successful in enabling attorneys to convince the courts to eliminate alimony or resulting in settlements, freeing up the payer from additional years of alimony payments.